Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer

Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer

The most affordable professional HD-Print Quality 3D Printer

The Novio 3D’s Model 106 3D Printer is the most affordable professional 3D printer in the market that can produce high definition 3D print quality. This amazing machine is the most easy to use 3D printer with upgradeable capabilities and other unique features that only Novio 3D printer has.

  • HD Print Quality.
  • Print layers from 30 microns to 600 microns.
  • High Definition Printing using 0.1mm Nozzle Tip.
  • Equipped with Novio 3D Technologies.
  • 8 optional print heads (0.1mm – 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm).
  • Adjustable printing speed option.
  • Suitable for beginners and 3D print experts.
3D Printer Upgrade and Exchangeable Parts

Model 106 3D printers have transformable modules where you can turn your 3D printers into different machining tools like CNC Mill and Laser Engraver. These 3D printers also have upgradeable parts and supporting accessories to help you produce quality 3D printed objects.

CNC Modules, Upgradeable Parts and Accessories for your Model 106 3D Printer.

pcb box

CNC Lathe Module

laser engraver

Laser Engraver Module


Dual Extruder

print plate

Extendable Print Plate

Novio 3d 3dcreator
User Friendly Software
Model 106 3D printers are operated with Quick 3D Print software called 3DCreator. It is the most easy to use 3D printing system software for beginners and experts. The software is very user friendly with simple user interface of operating designs and is pre-configured to get the best performance out of 3D printer’s Diamond XTR Extruder. It is the best FDM technology in the world in producing high quality prints.

Novio 3D Printer | Diamond XTR Extruder

The Diamond XTR Extruder has the smallest 0.1mm nozzle tip size which produces super fine detailed 3D prints. Its exchangeable extruder can let you change your extruder with nozzle tip sizes from 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm .

You can also have the opportunity to use different kind of PLA based print materials. With it’s default print plate size of 225mm x 225mm x 200mm you can extend your print plate by 270mm x 225mm x 200mm to produced large volume of 3d printed objects.. The transformer module can give you the chance to turn your 3D printer into different types of CNC tools like CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, CNC Drill, and CNC Laser Engraver.

Layer Thickness Chart (Novio 3D Default Setting)
Nozzle Size Minimum Maximum
0.1mm 50 microns 100 microns
0.2mm 50 microns 200 microns
0.3mm 75 microns 300 microns
0.4mm 100 microns 400 microns
0.5mm 150 microns 500 microns
0.6mm 180 microns 600 microns
0.8mm 200 microns 800 microns
1.0mm 150 microns 1mm
3D Printer Specification
Build Material Aluminium Rails and Custom part Plates
Print Size (LWH) 215 mm x 215 mm x 200 mm / 9.2ltrs Vol.
Dimension (LWH) 19.094 x 22.277 x 23.74 in inches / 48.50 x 56.58 x 60.30 in cm
Weight 9.5kg / 20.94lbs
Number of Extruder 2
Print Materials PLA; PLA Based Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon, Copper, Glass, Wood, Laybrick, Stainless Steel, TPLA, CCT, CCU, Carbon Fiber X and Rubber
Print Material Diameter 1.75mm
Power Requirement 220v AC
Power Consumption Max. of 80W and 85W for Dual Extruder
Max Operating Temperature 250 degrees Celsius
Flow Rate of Nozzle 25mm / sec
XY Axis Movement Speed Max. of 250mm / sec
Z Axis Movement Speed Max. of 35mm / sec
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy 99.50%
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy 99.70%
Print Speed Max. of 180mm / sec
Printing Accuracy 98.53%