Novio 3D Model 101 (12-16) 3D Printers

Novio 3D Model 101 (12-16) 3D Printers

The best affordable single nozzle professional 3d printers

Novio 3D Model 101 3D Printer is the latest 3D printer model innovation with the simplest design that will suit your budget without sacrificing the best quality high definition 3D printing. It is a type of 3D printer with only one nozzle extruder for producing single colour 3D printed objects.
The Model 101 3D Printer has two models; these are Model 101-12 and Model 101-16. These 3D printers are operated with Quick 3D Print Software called Novio 3DCreator. It is the most easy to use 3D printing system software with simple user interface making it very user friendly.

Novio 3D Model 101 3D Printers can help prevent warping your 3D objects because of it’s built in heat bed! This heat bed is a silicon heat bed with the dimension of 100 mm X 100 mm located under the main print bed to heat it up. With Novio 3D printers, you can enjoy fabricating higher quality finished 3D models.

Model 101-12
Model 101-12 is capable of printing up to the size of 120mm X 120mm X 160mm or 2 Litres Volume.
Model 101-16
Model 101-16 has the capacity to print up to 160mm X 160mm X 160mm or 4.2 Litres Volume.

3D Printer Upgrade and Exchangeable Parts

The Model 101 3D printers have exchangeable nozzle extruder and other 3D printing accessories that you can use for better 3D print quality.

laser engraver

Laser Engraver Module


Auto Leveling Kit

Start Your Own Mini Desktop Factory Business with Model 101 3D Printer
These remarkable 3D printers are perfect 3D printing machines for mass production where you can have a mini factory right on your desk. Create your own 3D printed objects with the best quality high definition 3D printing using Novio 3D Model 101 3D printers.
Novio 3D Mass production 101 printer

Novio 3D Printer Model 101 Technologies

Novio 3D Model 101 3D Printers also uses the same 3D printing technologies with Model 106 3D Printers. These 3D Printers also have Diamond XTR extruder which is an exchangeable nozzle extruder. Because of its exchangeable capabilities, you can easily use different nozzle tip sizes from 0.1mm to 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm. This gives you the option to use different nozzle sizes in one printer where you can just quickly remove and change the Diamond XTR Extruder with your needed extruder nozzle tip size.

The Diamond XTR Extruder that the Model 101 3D printers does have Anti Jam 3D Printing Technology where you can 3D print your design without worrying on the filament to jam.

Model 101 12-16 Layer Thickness Chart (Novio 3D Default Setting)
Nozzle Size Minimum Maximum
0.1mm 30 microns 100 microns
0.2mm 50 microns 200 microns
0.3mm 75 microns 300 microns
0.4mm 100 microns 360 microns
0.5mm 150 microns 250 microns
0.6mm 180 microns 300 microns
0.8mm 200 microns 400 microns
1.0mm 150 microns 500 microns
Printer Specification
Model 101-12 Model 101-16
Build Material Aluminium Rails and Custom part Plates
Print Size (LWH) 120 x 120 x 160mm / 2ltrs Vol. 160 x 160 x 160mm / 4.2ltrs Vol.
Dimension (LWH) 367.3 x 388.6 x 431.8mm 387.35 x 388.62 x 431.8mm
Number of Extruder 1 1
Printing Materials PLA; PLA Based Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon, Copper, Glass, Wood, Laybrick, Stainless Steel, Stainless, TPLA, CCT, CCU, Carbon FiberX and Rubber
Printing Material Diameter 1.75mm
Power Requirement 220v AC
Power Consumption Max. of 80W and 85W for Dual Extruder
Max Operation Temperature 250 degrees Celsius
Flow Rate of Nozzle 25mm / sec
XY Axis Movement Speed Max. of 250mm / sec
Z Axis Movement Speed Max. of 35mm / sec
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy 99.50%
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy 99.70%
Print Speed Max. of 180mm / sec
Printing Accuracy 98.53%