Novio 3D Laser Engraver Module

Novio 3D Laser Engraver Module

Laser Engraver Module

Novio 3D Laser Engraver Module is an upgrade feature of Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer. This feature can turn your 3D printer into Laser Engraver. Laser Engraver is a machine that uses laser for engraving materials like paper, cardboard, wood, and plastics. This converted machine is operated using a software called Novio3DLaserEngraver. The best thing about this Laser Engraver is that the calibration is no longer needed; unlike other Laser Engravers that still need to be calibrated. If you are just only into laser engraving, we can provide you a standalone Laser Engraver machine.

Turning Your Model 106 3D Printer Into Laser Engraver

Turn your Model 106 3D Printer into Laser Engraver machine by replacing the 3D printer’s Diamond XTR Extruder with Laser Engraver Module. Install the Novio 3D Laser Engraver software to start operating the Laser Engraver and begin engraving your chosen material. We made it convenient for the users to access different tools with one machine! It is an interesting upgrade feature for getting the most out of the capabilities of a 3D printer. So if you need to cut or engrave something, just switch your Model 106 3D printer into Laser Engraver!

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How It Works

Laser engraving is the process of marking objects through laser beams which includes color change due to chemical reaction, charring and melting. The laser is emitted from the machine that traces patterns onto the surface material. The Novio3DLaserEngraver software is used in controlling the Laser Engraver. This software controls the direction, intensity, speed of movement and speed of the laser aimed at the surface. With Novio 3D Laser Engraver, you can engrave on the object up to 215mm X 215mm size of the material. Paper, wood and plastics are the materials that can be engraved.

Laser Engraver

Novio 3D Laser Engraver Software

The Novio3DLaserEngraver is the software that controls the Laser Engraver. In this software, you can easily load an image and insert texts that you want to engrave. This Laser Engraver is the most easy to use Laser Engraver because you no longer need to calibrate it when laser engraving. You no longer have to worry about laser engraver calibration because the software will be the one to automatically calibrate the laser engraver to start engraving.

Any image file format is very well supported so you can use any image file format that you want to engrave. The image scale and image position can be set in this software before engraving. You can even invert colors and make your design fit to the engraving area.

Purchase the Laser Engraver Module so you can download the Novio3DLaserEngraver software after registering the Serial Key at My Customer Account.

System Requirements

Window Requirements Operating System 64/32 bit
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor Multi-core processor – 2GHz or higher
System RAM 4GB Minimum
Note: Novio3DCNCTransformer can consume lots of your desktop/laptop memory. Add more RAM to get maximum performance and lag free software especially when loading large Gcode files.
Screen Solution 1024 x 768
System Storage 2GB (Upgrade for maximum performance)
Novio 3D 106 – Laser Engraver Module Specification
Model Laser Engraver Module
Engraver Type Raster Engraving (by pixel)
Laser Output Power 5.5watts / 10watts
Engraving Accuracy
Engraving Material Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Wood and Metal Sheet
Engraving Workspace (LW) 215 mm x 215 mm (LW)
Operating Temperature 25 Degrees Celsius
Driver Power 12 V, 10A
Operating Voltage 220V±10, 50/60 Hz
Communication Interface USB Serial Port (USB A to B)
Command G-Code
Protection Safety Glass
Connection Mode USB
Accessories: Homing Position Jig It is placed in the lower left of the print bed for Home positioning.
File Format Img file (jpg, png, bmp, bit)