Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We listed here all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our products and services that we offer. Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our company, 3D printers, software, printing issues, connection, and 3D printer upgradeable features. If you still can’t find the answers that you need to know on our products, kindly contact us for us to attend your most valuable concerns. We are always here and ready to help!

Q: What is Novio 3D?

A: Novio 3D is a 3D printer company that offers innovative 3D printers, 3D printing parts, accessories, CAD modelling and 3D printing services.

Q: Who is 3D FABLAB LTD?

A: 3D FABLAB LTD is a manufacturing company who fabricates Novio 3D products such as 3D printers, CNC Modules and Laser Engraver Machines.

Q: How can I buy Novio 3D products?

A: You can refer to Contact Us page at to buy our products and services. Our expert and friendly sales team will surely reply to your query within 24hours.

Q: How remarkable Novio 3D Printers are?

A: Novio 3D Printers are the most affordable 3D printers that can produce high definition 3D print quality using its incredible Diamond XTR extruder. These machines are also upgradeable into different kinds of useful tools for machining. You can also upgrade some of its extendable parts. Read more about Upgradeable and Extendable features

Q: What is maximum size of 3D objects that a Novio 3D Printer can produce?

A: Our Model 106 3D printer’s print plate is 225mm X 225mm X 200mm but you can upgrade the print plate to 270mm X 225mm X 200mm to produce larger volume of 3D objects. We also have the Model 101-12 and 101-16 3D printers with the print plate size of 120mm X 120mm X 160mm (for 101-12) and 160mm X 160mm X 160mm (for 101-16).

Q: Is there a warranty when I bought a 3D printer, Laser Engraver or CNC Module?

A: Yes. Your purchased products like 3D printer, Laser Engraver, CNC Module are entitled with one year warranty coverage from the date of the purchased. You are also required to register your product serial number at for validation of your warranty as well as for other assistance and support that we offer exclusively for our customers.

Q: What are the things that covered and not covered under the warranty?

A: Any defects in materials and workmanship of the product under typical use during the coverage period.
Below is the list of what we do NOT cover under the warranty period:
1.) Any unauthorized modification or repair, where tampering/disassembly is evident or improper disassembly/re-assembly even if authorized.
2.) Damage caused by using third party software, USB cables, or power supplies not certified or sold by Novio 3D.
3.) Failure of printer operation caused by inappropriate or poor-quality filaments being installed, such as those not certified by Novio 3D, without limiting use of filaments not sold by Novio 3D.
4.) Damage due to shipping.
5.) Incidental or consequential damages such as water, excess heat, electrical discharge, abuse, misuse, neglect, unusual operating conditions or improper storage
6.) Normal wear & tear including scratches and nicks.
7.) Extruder system problems reasonably repairable by the customer, especially those caused by filaments that are not pure ABS or PLA.
8.) Any other acts of damage where Novio 3D manufacturing is not at fault.

Q: What is Model 106 3D Printer?

A: Model 106 3D Printer is a professional 3D printer model with exchangeable nozzle extruder where you can use other nozzle tip sizes. This 3D printer is also upgradeable into Dual Nozzle Extruder, CNC Mill, Laser Engraver and other functional accessories. Click this link to learn more:

Q: What can you make with Model 106 3D Printer?

A: It can produce quality high definition 3D printed objects. You can use different 3D printing materials like like PLA, HDGlass, wood, copper, bronze, brass, and rubber filaments.

Q: How can I upgrade Model 106 3D Printer into Dual Nozzle 3D Printer?

A: To upgrade the Model 106 3D Printer into Dual Nozzle 3D printer, you need to purchase the right nozzle extruder to turn the 3D printer into dual nozzle 3D printer. Special software will be provided for you to control both extruders. Click here to learn more…

Q: What is the software used for Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer?

A: The software used for Novio 3D Model 106 3D printer is the 3DCreator Software. This software includes your basic needs to produce professional quality objects. The upgraded Model 106 with Dual Extruder has special software to be provided to control the left and right extruders of Model 106 3D Printer.

Q: Where can I download the 3DCreator?

A: You can download the software by simply registering your purchased Novio 3D printer at portal. When you register, you need to provide the Serial Key and it’s done. You can now download the 3DCreator Software.

Q: What’s the benefit of registering our product?

A: By registering your product, you have the privilege of 3 months commissioning tutorial support thru Skype, 1 year warranty and a exclusive support from our team.

Q: What is Model 101 3D Printer?

A: A professional 3D printer model with single nozzle extruder. Its single extruder is exchangeable so you can use other nozzle tip sizes. This Model 101 3D Printer has two models; these are Model 101-12 and Model 101-16.

Q: What is the difference between Model 101-12 and Model 101-16 3D Printer?

A: Model 101-12 is capable of printing up to the size of 120mm X 120mm X 120mm or 2 Litres Volume while Model 101-16 has the capacity to print up to 160mm X 160mm X 160mm or 4.2 Litres Volume.

Q: Can I upgrade Model 101-12 and Model 101-16 3D Printer?

A: Yes, but only the PCB Box and its Print Bed. You can upgrade your PCB Box into PCB Box with SD Card Slot and LCD Screen. The print bed can be upgraded into heated bed to avoid warping. You can also upgrade your print bed levelling by purchasing the Auto Levelling Kit.

Q: What is the software used for Novio 3D Model 101 3D Printers (Model 101-12 and 101-16)?

A: 3DCreator Software

Q: My printing won’t stick to the print plate even if I levelled it. What should I do?

A: There are several factors that might cause this problem – levelling, temperature and speed. First, reconsider levelling again your print plate. Remember that the extruder’s nozzle tip should not be too far from the print plate. You can see the online video tutorial on how to level your print plate at:

Then check the temperature and printing speed if these are set correctly. It is best if you make the first layer temperature higher and the printing speed lower.

Q: My printing has gaps on it. Some part seems to be weak. What causes it?

A: The gaps of the extruded filament during printing indicate improper extrusion while printing. First, go to 3DCreator software and check if you set the proper nozzle size to prior slicing the file. Next, observe your extruders wheel. There might have dusts on it. Third, your filament might be tangled! Tangled filament prevents the extruder to eject filament.

Q: Why does extruder grinds filament causing dusts on rollers?

A: If dusts are present while printing, it only means 2 things: (1) It is not levelled properly. Your extruder is too close to the plate, and (2) the printing speed is too fast. The roller cannot control properly the filament coming in to the extruder.

Q: Why are there gaps in thin walls and small features not printed?

A: Wrong size of nozzle tip causing the irregularities on print. To know what type of extruder’s nozzle size to be used, kindly refer to Novio 3D specification sheet. Small features of your 3D model might need a smaller nozzle tip to print it accurately.

Q: Why is extrusion inconsistent and sometimes stops extruding?

A: Check your filament. You might no longer have print material to be extruded or it may be tangled.

Q: My print skips or shifts. What should I do?

A: Our Novio 3D printer is designed to prevent that problem. It has shifters located at the ends of X-axis. It should be oriented backwards while printing.

Q: I find my printing speed too slow, is there a way to make it faster?

A: In the 3DCreator software, you will find the print speed slider. The values within the green portion are the safe mode. This means that you can make your print faster and have good quality. If you go further outside that area, it can print but has an acceptable print quality. Every mode has different maximum speed you can set.

Q: My previous print is very good. But when I print another file it does not stick anymore to the plate. The levelling changed. Why?

A: The material’s supporting the plate is made of rubber. It is prone to movement when being pressed. When you take-off your finished 3D object, you can put some force to change the level of the plate. If it does happen, just follow the levelling procedure again. Please refer to this video tutorial online in following levelling procedures.

Q: There are excess filaments when my extruder is moving from one point to another while printing. Is there any way to prevent it?

A: The nozzle temperature might be too high! It melts the filament even if it is not extruding. Kindly lower down the nozzle temperature by 10 degrees Celsius. You can see the video tutorial on how to get the right temperature at

Q: How many prints can I make in 400g PLA?

A: It depends on the object you will be printing. Approximately, you can make 3-4 1000 cm3 volumes in 400g spool.

Q: My laptop / desktop cannot detect the 3D printer, what should I do?

A: If your laptop / desktop cannot detect your 3D printer, you need to install the driver which can be found on your installation software flash drive. Reinstall your 3DCreator when the wizard installation window appears. You will be asked if you want to install Adruino Driver then click YES and finish the installation process. Check if your laptop / desktop can now detect the 3D printer. If not, check all the connection cables.

Q: When power supply fluctuates, will it stop printing?

A: No, it does not affect the printing. The DC regulator source can hold at least 10 seconds of power before it runs out so the printer can continue printing until the electricity comes back.

Q: When I use a laptop in printing, if the battery gets empty and turned off, will I recover the printing?

A: No. The computer is responsible for sending the codes to the printer. Once it has been interrupted, there is no way to recover the printing anymore. You need to start over again.

Q: When Pause button was clicked and the USB Cable from laptop disconnects, will it retain the information and resume to printing once USB cable was connected back and Resume button was clicked?

A: No. Even if the Resume button was clicked before the USB cable disconnects from the laptop, the printing will not resume anymore since real-time status is being used in the process. Once the connection from the printer to laptop was interrupted, the user needs to start over again in printing.

Q: While printing and USB cable was disconnected, will it retain the Gcode and still print?

A: No. Since there will be no communication between the printer and transmitter of information, Gcode will not be transmitted completely from the start because real-time status is being delivered. Once connected again, whatever information left on 3DCreator Software will stay as long as it is not closed. User can reprint it provided that it has to be reconnected again.

Q: When I click the ON button, it takes some time to connect. Is it normal?

A: Normally, 3D print creator takes less than 5 seconds to connect. Just wait until it connects to the printer.

Q: My 3D model file takes too long to slice. Is it normal?

A: It depends. Here are some factors that might affect your slicing time: First, the print quality mode of the printer. If you are using the fine settings, definitely it is the primary cause of prolong slicing. Next, extruder nozzle tip sizes. Remember that if you are using bigger nozzle tip, it somehow lessen the slicing time. And lastly, the design of your 3D objects. Complicated, complex and big designs can took too long to slice compared to simple ones.

Q: What is the maximum time of slicing 3D models?

A: The slicing time of your 3D object will depend on the Slicer software you will be using and the size of the file.

Q: What is the maximum file size we can load to 3DCreator?

A: You can load any size you want. There is no limitation. But having a large file may take too long to slice.

Q: I cannot see the 3D model that I have loaded in 3DCreator, will it still print?

A: Yes. A pop-up message will appear stating that you cannot see the image but you can still print the file.

Q: What file formats are accepted by 3DCreator?

A: .STL and GCODE file formats.

Q: Where can I download printable models?

A: There are a lot of online resources for 3D model files that are ready for printing. These online resources offer downloadable 3D objects for free. Browse and choose readymade 3D models and download the STL file for 3D printing. Famous sites used by 3D printer hobbyist were and

Q: Can I build my own 3D models? How can I print it?

A: Yes, you can build or create your own 3D models by using 3D modelling software like CAD and Sketchup. You can also create your 3D models with online 3D modelling software like In order for you to print your own 3D model, just save your file using .STL as extension and load it to 3DCreator software for 3D printing.

Q: What is CNC Mill?

A: CNC Mill is an important industrial tool for machining solid materials like wood, aluminium and acrylics. Please refer to this page for more info:

Q: What is Novio 3D CNC Module?

A: Novio 3D CNC Module is an upgrade feature of a Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer where you can turn your 3D printer into CNC Mill. Please refer to this page to know more about this feature:

Q: How do Novio 3D CNC Module works?

A: When you decide to upgrade your Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer into CNC Mill, you just need to remove the Diamond XTR™ Extruder and attach the CNC Router. Please refer to this page to know more on how this feature works:

You can watch here on how to operate the CNC Mill:

Q: Where can I download the software?

A: You can download the software by registering your CNC Module Serial Key at The download link will automatically appear together with your product details once you successfully register your purchased product.

Q: Can I extend the CNC Mill’s work plane?


Q: What are the materials that can be milled?

A: Wood, aluminium and acrylics.

Q: What is Novio 3D Laser Engraver?

A: Novio 3D Laser Engraver is an upgrade feature of Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer. This feature will turn your 3D printer into CNC Laser Engraver. Please refer to this page to know more about this feature:

Q: How do Novio 3D Laser Engraver works?

A: When you decide to upgrade your Novio 3D Model 106 3D Printer into CNC Mill, you just need to remove the Diamond XTR™ Extruder and attach the Laser Engraver Module. Please refer to this page to know more on how this feature works:

Q: Where can I download the software?

A: You can download the software by registering your Novio 3D Laser Engraver Serial Key at The download link will automatically appear together with your product details once you successfully register your purchased product.

Q: Can I extend the Laser Engraver’s work plane?

A: No.

Q: What are the materials that can be engraved?

A: Paper, Wood, and Plastic