3D Printer Company | About Novio 3D

3D Printer Company | About Novio 3D

Who We Are As A 3D Printer Company

Novio 3D is a 3D printer company offering high performance and easy to use 3D printers and other 3D printing products and services. Our company is very passionate about 3D printing and we are more than happy to share this new technology with you. Our Research and Development squad is composed of knowledgeable electrical technicians and engineers who continuously doing their best in making innovative 3D printing products and services that we may offer. We understand the importance of product and service support, especially the technical challenges that a new technology may bring. With Novio 3D you can always expect a secure, personal service from our group of professionals.

Novio 3D recognizes that 3D printing is a new technology to many individuals. Our aspiration is to educate and direct you through the entire process of 3D printing so that you can successfully turn your big ideas into physical realities. With 3D printing, there are no limits – you can go as far as your imagination takes you. Whether you are a beginner to 3D printing and are inquiring about how Novio 3D products can potentially start off your next big adventure, if you have technical challenges with your products, we are always just a call or click away.

It is really amazing to see a 3D printing tool that can turn your virtual designs and ideas into real life, layer by layer, and we encourage you to experience this new technology with us! We aim to be the best 3D printer company in the world!

Novio 3D Printer Advantages


Protect your investment as technology changes and enjoy the most out of Novio 3D printing products with its upgradeable features.

Minimalist Open Design

Designed using the latest 3D printing technologies to make 3D printing easier, more reliable and affordable. Our machines are minimalist in design, to maximize your 3D print experience.

Multifunction Add On

Opportunity to add innovative technologies such as CNC Milling, Laser Engraving, Cutting, Drilling, and many more upcoming exciting functions.

Office Friendly

Print size volume just right for your desks. Less noise and with non-toxic odour. Ideal for both office and school.


Environmental friendly. Print plastics are made from cornstarch making it biodegradable, renewable and decomposable.


Mega Print Platform. Multi Nozzle. Changeable Extruder Nozzle – Super Fine to Super Fast Printing.

“As one of the latest leading 3D print technology, you can experience 3D printing using the best 3D printing software that can produce high definition 3D print quality.”
3D Printing Industries

3D Printer for Education

Novio 3D produce 3D printers that make learning fun by providing a more engaging experience for both Students and Educators. Take your school projects, group presentations & art classes in a whole new level of learning! Imagine what you can create with a 3D printer!

Embrace the Innovation

Kids develop their creativity better when they get crafty at an early age. They can make basic objects in class like making their own educational toys! 3D printers can make models of molecules for your chemistry class, replicas of fossils for your biology subject, print faces of iconic & historical people bringing history alive & much more!
Be equipped with the best technology that can help design better Architecture, Engineering tools & prototype models. Design characters for Animators & Multimedia Arts. Print body parts to study Medical Science.

3D Printer for Architecture

Architects can use 3d printer as a perfect tool to study shapes. Transform sketches and model drawings (digital) into tangible models. The global demand for architecture 3D printed models is growing because architects have discovered that desktop model making is now easy and inexpensive. This technology is ideal for gaining project efficiency through prototyping.

Innovative Modeling for Architecture

Novio3D™ 3D Printers have a sleek, minimalist design which easily fits on your desk. You can now create 3D models in a few hours, quickly and accurately to impress your clients.

  • Innovation Form Extraction.
  • Better Communication and test your Idea.
  • Prototype and test design.
  • Observing 3D Printing.

3D Printer for Engineering

Novio3D™ believes in the power and importance of design! We share the same passion with engineers and inventors in supporting innovation and advanced technology. In line with this, we’ve created 3D Printers that are great productivity tools for the Engineering Industry. Todays Engineers must have capable desktop 3D Printers to improve designs and to save time and money.

CREATE YOUR DESIGN – 3D Printers for Engineers

Design, hold and test your inventions right on your desktop quickly, accurately and inexpensively. Get your own Novio3D™ desktop 3DPrinter now and start building your next amazing invention.

3D Printer for Hobbyist

Novio 3D produce 3D printers that create your designs. Experience creativity which only 3D printers can offer. Ignite your passion & creativity of your craft by printing everything your imagination creates on your desktop.


3D printers can print anything you want, just name it! Design the things you want & create it using a NOVIO 3D printer! Create your own home decorations, miniature skyscrapers & houses for you. Make your very own designer shoes, toys for the kids or for your collections. Print your own baking materials & functional tools like a purse hook & so much more! Your imagination is your only limit!

Our Mission

To ensure that our products contribute to the development of our community and make a difference by providing a world class 3D printer and other 3D printing products that will satisfy our investors, partners and customers.

Our Vision

Our vision as a 3D printer company is to provide the highest quality products and services around the globe that consistently meet customer’s and investor’s expectations and become well known in 3D Printing Technology Innovation.

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