The Novio 3D’s Game Changer Technologies

The Novio 3D’s Game Changer Technologies

3D Printing Technologies

Every 3D printer company are consistent in developing and producing the hottest and latest 3D printing technologies that they can offer to make every 3D printer user’s life easier. Novio 3D is one of the 3D printer companies that aims to be the very best and on top of the competition. Novio 3D printers have lots of unique features that make it exceptional from the other leading brands of 3D printers. The company is going to be the one of the best 3D printer companies in the world. Because of the rapidly evolving business world of 3D printing, Novio 3D never stopped developing more 3D printing capabilities and competence to bring to the market focusing on breakthrough technologies.

Anti Jam Technology™

The Novio 3D ‘s Anti Jam Technology enables you to 3D print your design with no difficulty and achieve the best quality 3D print that you ever wanted. As one of the best 3D printing technologies, the users can 3D print designs without worrying on the filament to jam. Because of its Diamond XTR Extruder technology, jamming of the print material filament will rarely occur when using a Novio 3D printer. Novio 3D printers have Diamond XTR Extruder with 0.1 mm nozzle that can give you the opportunity to print HD 3D printed objects. The Novio 3D’s Extruder is exchangeable where you can have the option to use other extruder nozzle tip sizes.

A trouble free and high definition 3D printing is what every 3D printer user is looking for.

3DCreator – Quick 3D Print Software

The Novio 3DCreator is the most easy to use Quick 3D Print software with very user friendly interface of operating designs and can be pre-configured or adjust the printing settings to get the best performance out of Novio 3D printer.

Operate the 3DCreator software effortlessly that there is no need to learn difficult parameters before printing. With this software, you can easily change the nozzle temperature during printing; this will allow you to get the right temperature for your preferred print material without interrupting the 3D printing process. It has an amazing feature where you can pause or resume the 3D printing process anytime. You can have the opportunity to change the color of the filament then resume the printing process to extrude the newly inserted filament. Novio 3DCreator software can really turn beginners in 3D printing into experts. It is the best FDM technology in the world with Novio 3D HD print technology.

Watch how novio 3DCreator works

System Requirements

Operating System: Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64/32bit)

Screen Display: Screen Display minimum of 1024 x 768px

Connection Mode: USB

Language: English

File Format: STL, OBJ and GCODE