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3D Printing Service | Novio 3D

Affordable 3D Printing Service Online

We provide online 3D printing service that can help you make your digital 3D design creations into reality for reinventing prototypes and functional parts. Our company offers the best quality high definition 3D printing service with precision and reliability.

Novio 3D printer uses (FDM) Fused Deposition Modeling Technology that is commonly used technique for prototyping, production and modeling applications. It is an additive manufacturing technology and a very common method in 3D printing in which the part is printed by extruding molten strings of material that melt together layer by layer. It is being fused carefully by molten thermoplastic to construct the actual 3D solid object.

Feel free to send us your STL file and we will do the 3D printing service for you!

We offer different print materials


PLA or Polylactic Acid is a popular filament used in 3D printing. This type of filament is biodegradable thermoplastic that is derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots and potato starch. It is best for printing durable, high-impact strength objects, prototypes and fixtures.


Laybrick is a new rough 3D printing filament for a sandstone effect. When printing within a 165°C – 190°C temperature range, it produces a smoother finish.


Rubber filament is a flexible 3D printing material that is very useful and ideal in printing rubber-like objects or parts that can bend and flex.


Brassfill is a special 3D printing material providing the ability to make 3D printed parts into golden look objects. This print material contains at least 20% fine brass powder by volume.


HDGlass is an amorphous and high strength modified PETG compounded 3D printer filament range. It has a very impressive transparency as it is an amorphous filament, which lets 90% of the visible light pass through its fibre and has less than 1% haze.


Wood filament is made with a mixture of bamboo wood and PHA/PLA. Parts are sturdy, like a block of wood. It feels and smells just like real wood.


Bronzefill provides a bronze looking finish and a heavier feel than more traditional plastic filament options. It is amazingly dense and can be used to produce objects which seem and feel mostly similar to an actual bronze object.

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