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We aim to provide the best cost effective high quality professional 3D printer that can give you all features that you need in one printer. A 3D printer that can turn beginners into experts where you can create amazing 3D printed objects that you may think that can only be done by professionals.

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Imaginations Into Reality

Novio 3D™ enables your imagination to conceive artistic as well as technical objects which cannot be made with conventional manufacturing techniques. Our 3D printer gives your imagination freedom to create amazing concepts and print them for you quickly on your desktop.

Fablab 106 Novio 3D Printer

A professional desktop 3D printer with the latest 3D printing technology that enables you to print the best quality high definition 3D printed objects.
This amazing machine can print objects up to 215mm X 215mm X 200mm. As a versatile machine with exchangeable nozzle extruder, it can also be upgraded into Dual Nozzle and even CNC Mill.

3D Printer Specification
Imaginations Into Reality

Different 3D Print Materials

With different types of filament materials, you can create different amazing 3D printed objects with different designs and styles that you desire to create. Your filament choice might depend on the object that you are trying to make. With the Novio 3D printer’s capability to quickly change nozzle extruder, you can have the opportunity to print different 3D print materials like PLA, HDGlass, wood, copper, bronze, brass, and rubber filaments.

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Novio 3D Technologies

NOVIO 3D has ANTI JAM TECHNOLOGY that enables you to 3D print your design with ease and have the best quality print you wanted. You can have the power to print high definition 3D printed objects because of Novio 3D’s DIAMOND XTR TECHNOLOGY with 0.1 mm nozzle.

Our Novio 3DCreator is a quick 3D Print software with the most easy to use 3D printing system software. The software is user friendly with uncomplicated visual of operating designs and is pre-configured to get the best performance out of our 3D printer's DIAMOND XTR TECHNOLOGY. Enjoy the best FDM print experience in the world with Novio 3D HD print technology.

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Upgradeable & Exchangeable

Get the most out of Novio 3D printer with its capability to be upgraded and advanced to the next level 3D printer.

Dual Nozzle
Novio 3D Fablab 106 3D printer is upgradeable into dual nozzle extruder and is capable of dual extrusion where you can print two coloured 3D printed objects.

Exchangeable Nozzle
Novio 3D printer’s Diamond XTR Nozzle Extruder is changeable giving you the option to use different extruder nozzle tip sizes in mm from the smallest of 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, and 1.0 mm.

What the customer says about us!

"New toy at the office took us less than an hour from unboxing to 3Dprinting! Awesome - compared to a unit 2 years ago (which cost about the same), that took more than 12hours to assemble and another 5hours to get running. Plus this one has a higher resolution and is future-proof, with options for a 2nd nozzle or even other CNC tools. To top it off, the German engineer who developed this product is backed by an all-Filipino team of techies."

Mark Delfin
Design Associate / D.A. Silvestre and Associates