How to 3D Print with a Novio3D Printer

Step 1: Preparing STL File

Step 2: Filament Feeding

Step 3: Slicing & Loading STL

Step 4: 3D Printing Process

Step 5: 3D Object

Preparing STL File Filament Feeding Slicing & Loading STL 3D Printing Process 3D Object

3D printing is a process of making or producing 3D solid objects from a digital file. The term 3D printing includes processes and technologies that offer a full spectrum of capabilities for the production of parts and products in different materials. Basically, what all of the processes and technologies have in common is the manner in which production is carried out - layer by layer in an additive process - which is in contrast to traditional methods of production involving subtractive methods or casting processes.

Whether you are new to 3D printing technology or just looking to close a few knowledge gaps, we’re glad you stopped by. You will learn here the basics of how to 3D print your 3D design or model using Novio 3D printer.

Step 1:

Preparing your STL File

There are two ways to prepare your STL file. One way is to download a ready made 3D model and another way is to use a 3D printing software. You can go to 3d printing resources like to download various available 3d models you can choose to print.
When you decide to create your own 3D model design, Novio 3D offers a modeling software called 3D CAD Creator. It is a Computer Aided Design program for 3D design where you can create and build your own design and print it. This is developed by Novio 3D and will soon be available in market.

Step 2:

Filament Feeding

In this video, you will see how to install the print material on the nozzle correctly in order for the filament to extrude properly.

Step 3:

Slicing and Loading your STL File

In this step, you will see how to choose the quality of print without background knowledge on slicer setting parameters and how to add your STL file which you have already prepared in the 3D Print Creator software or downloaded from free 3D printing resources available online.

Step 4:

3D Printing Process

Once the temperature is stabilized, you will be ready to start printing. It is advisable that you'll cover the print plate with a masking tip so that the filament would have a good stick on it. Make sure that the masking tape is not overlapping each other and it is properly stick to the plate.
Next step is clicking the "Start Printing" button. Printing will now start. Your 3D model design will soon turn to reality with the Novio 3D printer!

Step 5:

3D Objects